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Application Requirements

We enroll students every year who want to be involved in all aspects of the ceramic industry.

→ Application form PDF

Ceramics Lab for International

Application Requirements

1. Training period

1 year [April 2025 – March 2026]
*1 year extension is possible with approval from faculty and city office.

2. Admission quota

Around 3 persons

3. Entrance qualification
  1. Age: from 20 to 40
    *Applicants who are born between 2 April 1984 and 1 April 2005.

  2. Basic understanding of ceramics or some equivalent qualifications.

  3. Must show interest and dedication to participate in the ceramics industry in the future.

  4. Must be well-conducted and eager to study.

  5. Foreign nationality, and have been living in Japan for less than 7 years.
    *Communication skills in English or Japanese.

Submit Your Application


Applications start – 2 September 2024 (Japan Time 8:30)

Deadline for Applications – 11 Octobe 2024 (Japan Time 17:00)

Announcement of Results – 22 November 2024

How to Submit Your Application

Application Documents must be submitted by Email(PDF file)
All documents must be written in English or Japanese.

Deadline/11 October 2024 (Japan Time 17:00)

Application Documents
▶ Prescribed form PDF 
  1. Application for Form to Ishoken ▶ PDF document 

  2. Certificate of Graduation or Statement of Expected Graduation (Final Education)

  3. Academic transcript (Final Education)

  4. Medical certificate (Issued after April 2023)

    ①Eyesight test (naked eye, corrected eyesight)

    ②Hearing test

    ③The past medical history of an applicant

    Please list the disease that has been treated in the past, a disease treated now, a disease following up  (a)Age (b)Disease name (c)Heal or Under going treatment or Under follow-up

    ④Overall assessment
     Please fill in the diagnosis of the doctor

    ⑤Date of diagnosis, Medical institution name, Medical institution address, Doctor's name

  5. Recommendation letter

    (By applicant's research supervisor from their university or teacher of ceramic art/designer.
    *Descriptions of the recommender's career should be included.)

  6. Curriculum vitae (no larger than A4)

  7. Copy of your passport (Including "ID" page and pages with "all records of immigration".

  8. Documentary examination documents
  9. ①1.Short Essay

    ・Theme 1 - What do you consider important when you are working with ceramics? On one A4 Paper, within 500 words

    ・Theme 2 - Your Research themes in Ishoken? On one A4 Paper, within 500 word

    ②List of works ▶ PDF document 

    ③Photos of Work(5 pieces, 3 angles)

    * The file name should be the number corresponding to ②.


Procedure After Acceptance to Ishoken

Once you receive an acceptance notification via post or email, we can start preparing for your VISA to enter Japan.

What Visa do I need?

We will start the application process for a Cultural Activities Visa.
According to the Japanese School Education Law, "Ishoken" is not a school. Therefore, during your stay in Japan applicants will need a Cultural Activities Visa rather than the Student Visa.
With a Cultural Activities Visa it is prohibited to work in Japan. Please prepare at least one years living and training costs. A minimum of 1,550,000yen.

What do I need to prepare for a Cultural Activities Visa?

You will need to fill out a form (we will email you) in order to receive a Certificate of Eligibility (COE). Ishoken will apply for a COE on your behalf with the documents and forms provided.
Certificate of Eligibility (COE) is a document necessary to receive your Cultural Activities Visa from a Japanese Embassy or Consulate in your country.
Details of this process will be explained via email. We will help you with procedures concerning living in Japan.


Training Fee

Training Fee

220,000yen (per year)

Admission fee


Material fee

about 30,000 yen



* Training fee and admission fee once paid cannot be returned.
* Training fee and admission fee should be paid after the entrance ceremony.
* Material fee includes expenses such as tools, textbooks, etc.