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Tajimi City Pottery Design and Technical Center




Course Outline

Ishoken is located in Tajimi City, a part of the "Minoyaki" area. We aim to promote "Minoyaki" globally through our course. Ishoken has accepted students from over 40 countries in the past and is looking forward to accepting more in the future.

Today, the "Minoyaki" region has a wide variety of production techniques and styles, from traditional tea bowls to contemporary ceramics and from tableware to tile manufacturing. "Minoyaki" also uses a variety of clay bodies, such as earthenware, stoneware, and porcelain. This wide range of techniques and styles is the unique feature of "Minoyaki". Ishoken prepares training courses and training facilities to acquire various techniques and knowledge based on our regional characteristics.

 People may have an impression of ceramics being a traditional craft that is passed down through the generations. However, at Ishoken we not only teach traditional skills and knowledge but also encourage students to consider ceramics from a contemporary perspective. The underlying ethos in all our courses is to take into account the inherent features of ceramics and explore the potential of the material in our world today. We believe that students will be able to create original works that express the inherent beauty of the material by exploring these potentials.


Ceramics Lab
International Students

Ceramics Lab is a one-year course open to International Students and Japanese speakers.
The course is intended for applicants who have already acquired basic knowledge and skills in ceramics and are looking to expand their expertise. Students will be required to create a body of work based on their own research topic that has been approved by the faculty.
The course intends to create an international environment to nurture the next generation of ceramicists.

Project 1 / Mid-year Development Work (training period: April to September )
Project 2 / Graduation Work (training period: October to February )
*Students will exhibit their works


Design & Craft Course
Japanese Speakers

We offer Design Course or Craft Course, both are two-year courses for those who can speak Japanese.
These courses will be conducted in Japanese using Japanese textbooks and learning materials.

In the first year both courses will learn the foundational skills of ceramics and lectures together. After the first year of training, students will then decide if they would like to move to the Design course or Craft course.
In the second year, assignments will be given out based on your course, as well as self driven assignments to help develop your skills further in the directions your choose.

Design Course

Design Course students will be taught to use the materiality of clay and consider the function, environment, and lifestyle bring a sense of joy to everyday life.

Craft Course

Craft Course students will research individual techniques and different expressions of clay through a Japanese craft orintatented practice.