研究生の募集  How to apply

This year's International Student Admission 2021 has ended.
Next year, it will be released around June 2021.

19th Ceramics Lab [ International Student Admissions ]
Application requirements


Application Requirements →PDF document

  1. Training period / 1 year [April 2021 – March 2022]
    If the Mayor approve, students can stay an extra year.

  2. Admission quota / Around 3 persons

  3. Entrance qualification
    (1) Age: from 20 to 40 [Applicants who were born between 2 April 1980 and 1 April 2001]

    (2) Applicants who have already finished basic study of making ceramics, or some equivalent qualifications.

    (3) Applicants who will continue to participate in the pottery field after graduation.

    (4) Applicants who are well-conducted and eager to study.

    (5) Applicants who have foreign nationality, and have been living in Japan less than 7 years.

    *Applicants who are able to communicate in Japanese or English.

  4. Application method
    The screening for "International Student Admissions" applicants will be based on submission
    of application documents by Postal Mail and Email both.

  5. Training fee
     Training fee / 314,000 yen (per year) 

     Admission fee / 125,000 yen(A person who live in out of Tajimi City)

     Material fee / about 30,000 yen (actual cost)

    * Training fee and admission fee once paid could not be returned.
    * Training fee and admission fee should be paid after the entrance ceremony.
    * Material fee includes expenses such as tools, textbooks,etc.

    - Other expenses required by each person -

    [Living expense]
    ・House rent : 20,000yen to 60,000yen / month. 
    ・Light,heating, and water utility costs : around 10,000yen / month.
    ・Food budget : around 20,000yen / month.     
    ・Communication expenses : around 10,000yen / month.

    [Health insurance ]
    Please make sure to take out the health insurance on your own.

Dates for Priority Applications 2020/21


  1. Timeline
    Start of Applications – 1 September 2020 (Japan Time 8:30)
    Deadline for Applications – 31 October 2020 (Japan Time 17:00) 

  2. Application Documents
    < Application Documents to be Submitted by Postal Mail and Email > 
    Deadline / 31 October 2020 (Japan Time 17:00)
    *All documents must be written in English or Japanese.

1. Application for admission to ishoken *Post→ PDF document

2. Certificate of Graduation or Statement of Expected Graduation (Final Education) *Post

3. Academic transcript (Final Education) *Post

4. Medical certificate (Issue within 3 months from the time from submission) *Post
 Please follow under the list.

1. Eyesight test (naked eye, corrected eyesight)
2. Color perception test
3. Hearing test
4. The past medical history of an applicant
 Please list the disease that has been treated in the past, a disease treated now, a disease following up
 (1)Age (2)Disease name (3)Heal or Under going treatment or Under follow-up
5. Overall assessment
 Please fill in the diagnosis of the doctor
6. Date of diagnosis, Medical institution name, Medical institution address, Doctor's name


5. Recommendation letter * Email [PDF file]
 (By applicant's research supervisor at his or her university or teacher of ceramic art/designer.)
 *Descriptions of the recommender's career should be included.

6. Curriculum vitae / It has to be written in only one sheet of A4 size. * Email [PDF file]

7. Copy of your passport (Including "ID" and "all records of immigration" page.) *Email [PDF file]

8. Documentary examination documents
 (1) Essay / *It has to be written in only one sheet of A4 size for each theme. * Email [PDF file]
    Theme 1 "What do you consider important when you are working ceramics"
    Theme 2 "Your Rsearch themes in Ishoken"
 (2) List of Wroks Photo → PDF document  *Post
 (3) Works Photos / 5 works (3 cuts per 1 work) *Post
   *It should print A4 size.



 Procedure after the pass


"Ishoken" is not a school according to the Japanese School Education Law. For such reason during the training period successful applicants will stay with "cultural activities visa" rather than the "student visa". They are required to get "cultural activities visa" before coming to Japan.

*Successful applicants need a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) to get a VISA. Therefore Ishoken will apply for a COE as applicant's proxy. Prepare required documentation and submit them by the deadline.
*If successful applicants don't apply for the visa with a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) near by Japan Consulate, they cannot enter to Japan.
*With "cultural activities visa", working is forbidden in Japan. Please prepare one year's living and training cost. (around 1,650,000 yen at least.)
*We will provide support for any procedure concerning living in Japan.


 Voices of international graduates

This is an interview with Ishoken's Ceramics Lab international graduates last year. We asked them why they came to Ishoken, what they learned, and what goals they had after graduation.

vol.1 Kimie Ino 【class 2017,2018】

vol.2 Fiona Tong【class 2018】



All correspondence concerning admissions to "ishoken" should be addressed to:


Postal Address >> 2-77, Misaka-cho, Tajimi-shi, Gifu, 507-0803 Japan

Email >> ishoken-jinzai@city.tajimi.lg.jp 


セラミックスラボ(第19期生)/ 外国人特別選考
多治見市陶磁器意匠研究所 研修課程 募集要項 2021

研修課程 募集要項 2021の募集は終了しました。 次年度の募集要項は、2021年6月頃お知らせします。
  1. 研修期間/1年間 (2021.4~2022.3)

  2. 定員/3名程度

  3. 入所資格
    (1) 年齢満20歳以上満40歳以下の者 
    (2) デザインコースを修了した者又は技術コースを修了した者若しくはこれらの者と同等程度の知識及び技能があると認められる者
    (3) 養成科目に関する業務に従事し、又は従事しようとする者
    (4) 品行方正であって、研究に熱意を有する者
    (5) 外国籍を有する者であって、日本滞在歴が概ね通算7年以下である者

  4. 出願方法 

  5. 研修費 
    (1) 実習料/314,000円(年額)
    (2) 入所料/125,000円 (市外在住者)
    (3) 教材費/ 30,000円程度(実費)

    - 各自がその他必要となる費用 -

    ・家賃 : 20,000円から60,000円/1ヶ月
    ・光熱費 : 約10,000円/1ヶ月
    ・食費 : 約20,000円/1ヶ月
    ・通信費 : 約10,000円/1ヶ月





  1. スケジュール 募集開始 2020. 9. 1.  (日本時間 8:30)
           募集締切 2020.10.31. (日本時間17:00)

  2. 出願書類 
    <郵送での提出> 提出締切  2020.10.31. (日本時間17:00)
    1. 入所願書 → PDF document  ※郵送 
    2. 卒業証明書又は卒業見込証明書 (最終学歴) ※郵送 
    3. 成績証明書(最終学歴) ※郵送 
    4. 健康診断書 (出願時より3ヶ月以内の発行のもの) ※郵送 
    1. 視力検査 (裸眼、矯正視力)
    2. 色覚検査
    3. 聴覚検査
    4. 既往歴
     (1)疾患年齢 (2)疾患名(3)治癒、治療中、または経過観察中
    5. 総合所見
    6. 診断日、医療機関名、医療機関住所、医師名が記載されていること

    5. 推薦書(大学の担当教授、師匠など) ※推薦者の経歴を記載すること  ※Email (PDF形式) 
    6. 業績一覧  ※A4用紙1枚以内 ※Email (PDF形式) 
    7. パスポートのコピー(身分証明と出入国の全記録) ※Email (PDF形式) 
    8. 書類審査提出書類 ※(1)小論文はEmail (PDF形式)、(2)(3)作品写真関連は郵送 
     (1) 小論文 ①「自身の制作姿勢について」 ※A4用紙1枚以内  
          ②「陶磁器意匠研究所で取り組む研究テーマ」 ※A4用紙1枚以内  
     (2) 作品写真一覧 → PDF document
     (3) 作品写真5作品(1作品につき3カット)





* ビザを取得するための在留資格認定証明書(COE)が必要です。在留資格認定証明書を意匠研究所が代理申請しますので、必要書類を準備し期限までに提出してください。
* 在留資格認定証明書を近隣の日本領事館に持参し、ビザを申請しないと入国できません。
* 「文化活動ビザ」では日本国内での就労が認められていません。研修費のほかに1年分の生活費を準備してください。(少なくとも165万円は必要になります。)
* 来日後の生活に関する各種手続きや滞在先の確保の支援を行います。



セラミックスラボ外国人特別選考修了生へのインタビューです。 なぜ彼らが意匠研究所に来たのか、何を学び、卒業後はどうしたいのかについて尋ねました。

vol.1 Kimie Ino 【第15期、16期セラミックスラボ外国人特別選考修了】

vol.2 Fiona Tong【第16期セラミックスラボ外国人特別選考修了】






〒507-0803 岐阜県多治見市美坂町2−77

Email:  ishoken-jinzai@city.tajimi.lg.jp